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Upgrading the global customer experience

As experts in AI Customer Experience (AICX) for multilingual contact centers, Sinitic enables higher deflection rates and increased customer lifetime value.



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Online Gaming operators

Smarter player support across Asia-Pacific

Running a multilingual contact center for Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indonesian users has a high operating cost. But with Sinitic's AICX solution, Goldblue AB is at the forefront of controlling costs from repetitive contacts with unique online gaming terminology and mixed and non-English languages.




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Automating financial inclusion in the Philippines

Regulators face expanding contact volumes and the prohibitive costs of extending their financial complaints systems into rural areas. With Sinitic's AICX solution, the Central Bank of the Philippines is now automating complaints handling across a financial ecosystem with unique terminology and mixed and non-English languages.




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Automating CX for enterprise

Sinitic enables multilingual contact centers to augment human agents with AI Customer Experience (AICX) solutions.

Helping online gaming firms reduce operating costs and generate new revenue from player acquisition, retention, and reactivation.

Helping regulators minimize response times and increase financial inclusion and market supervision in developing regions.

Helping payment providers decrease manual steps in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process and increase response time.

Helping iGaming firms reduce operating costs and generate new revenue from player acquisition, retention and reactivation.

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Manila, the city of sun, is Sinitic's base in Asia-Pacific and a global capital for the contact center industry.


Vancouver, the city of glass, is Sinitic’s headquarters and the historic terminal between America and Asia.


New Delhi, the city of rallies, is Sinitic’s base in India and a global capital for the contact center industry.


Johannesburg, the city of gold, is Sinitic’s base in Africa and the continent’s commercial and banking capital.


Valletta, the most proud city, is Sinitic's base in Europe and the continent's gaming and emerging tech capital.


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