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Online gaming

Upgrading the player experience
for operators

Online Gaming brands bet on Sinitic’s AI Customer Experience (AICX) to decrease support costs and increase player lifetime value.

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Hidden benefits of AI Customer Experience (AICX)

Protect VIP Players

Minimize reliance on human agents to mitigate the risk of VIP player theft and revenue loss.

Reduce Agent Turnover

Relieve agents from mundane player support and increase their job satisfaction.

Prevent Chat Hijacking

Ensure security with a closed infrastructure that does not rely on third-party integrations.


Sinitic’s toolkit for
24/7 x 365 automation

Expand into new Online Gaming markets without the risk and massive expense of multilingual contact centers.


Sinitic’s Launch converts historical player chats into an automated, multilingual agent.


Sinitic’s Edit humanizes automated agents with advanced logic and player data integrations.


Sinitic’s Train improves the dialogue in automated agents by learning from ongoing player chats.


Sinitic’s Chat relieves human agents with deflection of repetitive, multilingual player chats.


Sinitic’s Track collects and categorizes player support cases with minimal manual steps.

Pushing beyond chat deflection

Aquire New Players

Decrease CPA by automating the acquisition and conversion process.

Retain Declining Players

Convert customer support into an automated sales tool to retain churning players.

Reactivate Churned Players

Reduce reliance on acquisition with automated re-engagement of lost players.

As an iGaming company in expansion, we’re looking for customer support tech that can easily scale. The Sinitic solution fits into our business model perfectly and it’s really fun to build the technology together.


Andre Rodriguez - CEO
Goldblue AB

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